Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fiber a go-go

Last weekend the knitters and I went to a smaller fiber fair. I missed it last year because I was working at the hospital and had to work weekends. This year I wasn't going to miss it for anything, include and not limited to husbands returns from one month training events in other states. Lucky for him and me he was scheduled to return late that night, thus giving me a bunch of fiber time. It was a yarn group snowball, I picked up Jen, we drove to Phil and Judie's, who then drove to exit 11 to get Karen, we all squeezed in and drove to exit 24 and took Debs supermassive mobile down to nashville.

Beautiful canned goods that I forgot to go back and buy, I had so much yarn I really should haven't spent the money anyway.

There were quite a few of these guys in all colors and breeds, it was neat to see them all. Some rabbits and some cats, no chickens that I could find.
I got some lovely bits at Fiber Denn, who never lets me down. Her colors and yarn is some of the best. I got some fiber too, silver baby alpaca and got to spend sometime with the wheel I want. Which I have been green lighted to buy, but will wait until at least tax return season to plunk that money down on a single item again, see last post.

We moved on from the fair after we had all made some purchases and then hit the yarn stores.
Naughty Knitter first. Since they are by far our favorite yarn purchasing place in the nashville area.
I got a few little things......(Pictures taken with Nikon D40 ahhhhh its so nice to have full control of things again)
I got the last Hippo they had, thanx to Rachel who made sure I knew they still had one left.
Finally a ball of my favorite artyarns colorway, 127. It stripes all pretty and I can hardly wait to knit with it, but I'm sorta at a crossroads of what to knit and can't decide.
Moving along, we concluded that we were all hungry, all that yarn can do that to you. Back in the beast and on to Threaded Bliss. None of us had been there since it was sold and we were all quite curious, so off we went.
Three balls of Dream in Color was the answer. It is much more green than that, but alas I have no photoshop......anyone, anyone. This will become the "social disease"of scarfs. I may start this before Vegas, or not.
Carrying on from there, Haus of Yarn once again peeved us all by saying they were closed at 10 'til 4 to a car full of knitters on a roll. This was my nap time, I had about hit a wall, having not gone to bed until about, eh 2am and then having slept poorly, and then getting up early. Napped until the weeeeeee hours of the AM and then picked up the Hubby. Spent Sunday washing every green sock, uniform and light brown shirt in the house.

More pictures later..

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