Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ending Starts

I've been knitting a lot as of late, but not really getting any where important. Many months, and I mean Months I started and finished the Zipper Cardigan from Blue Sky Alpaca.....
Then we moved, and so I packed up the sleeves and fronts and back. I started feeling the tell tale heart, or sweater in my closet. Tick tick tick of my needles in my sleep and when I looked longingly at other patterns. I gave in and pulled it out. I had not problem with the seeming which means my scientific knitting worked great, I'll explain latter. I know feel a bit better about a new project.

I've finished the "mint chip" felt purse, felted it and knitted the inside pocket but not felted that yet.
Mint Chip
Its just waiting on the floor, just right there were that picture was taken. I've also been working on the socks, but since they just get toted around in my purse they don't always get so much work, but they get to see all the sites. Mainly the inside of a lab desk.

Crazy news story of the week and great new graphic, I wana be the person who made this thing.....

If you wana know I'll answer any and all questions it falls under parasitology.

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