Friday, December 02, 2005

Well it's been quite a while

Sorry its been quite a while since I wrote in the old blog. In the past week or so since I wrote because I've been rather busy. First my parents arrived on the 19th for Thanksgiving. We drove to nashville in no time at all but once we picked them up it took us about 2 and a half hours to get home because every northish westish highway was under construction. It was really fun. On sunday we drove to Cookeville to see charlotte and Lamar. We had a great time there. The drvie was nice and I got to see parts of the state we've never seen before. We started with lunch of course, at Nicks a funny little local place. It was very nice. Then we went to the Falls and did the short little hike to see the falls, it was very nice. We burned off some of out lunch. From there was got some thing to drink and nibble on at this niffty coffee shop which was open on sunday, which nothing seemed to be open. From there we checked out the worlds worst craft show, the nasty stuff on the planet the was pawned off as art. After that it was time for dinner at Chedders and a display of southern fried idiots. Dinner was really good though. Then I bravely drove home. I was rather sleepy too. So after that excitement we went home and slept. Unfortunatly I needed to go to school on Monday. I had a test on Tuesday but really didn't want to study. After school on Monday we drove to post for Ross Promotion. It was a really nice quick easy ceromony. I pulled off the little tab and they put a new one on. The strangest thing was that everyone shock my hand too, very odd. They all talked to my parents too. Then we left and went to a late lunch. Tuesday rolled around and I kinda studied for my test. Tuesday was uneventful. Wednesday was short and then fun. We just did stuff. Mike came into town that night. Thursday was thanksgiving WOOO WHOOOO we love food. Dana, Amanda, and Joe all came to dinner we had so much food it was crazy. I though I was going to loose it. On Friday we worked on putting the plastic up on the windows which took all day. It is nice to have the added warmth. It isn't that warm but just enough. On saturday We took my folks to the airport and mike headed out. It was alittle hard to say good bye but I'll see them again on the 18th. Ross and I head home to spent the last night togeather. We had a really romantic dinner of pizza and watched TV until about Mid night when I finally couldn't stay up any longer. The next morning at 5;15 we headed out. He made it safe. Since then I've been hanging around cleaning the house and staying busy. School is school. Its almost done, on the 7th to be exact. Then I have some finals and then 3 days of clinicals. I'll keep you all posted. -ca

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