Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas in Seattle Part II

Well this is the final chapter. I flew home today. UGH. I'm rather tired but I'm not going to bed yet, why I don't know. I flew both freakin legs on a super 80 which is like a vista crusier of the sky. Old shitty and cramped. It was really bad. It was like flying in a car with out AC too. I came home to a rather grubby house, so I have my work cut out for me these three days that I have off. I don't know what I'm doing for new years, most likely drinking some apple cider with the bird and crashing at 9, because is seattle thats when the ball drops and that is pretty much new year for me. I have tons to unpack and a fridge full of crap to throw out. I plan on eating at Micky-d's tomorrow just to get that craving for grey meat out of my system. I have two seasons of pete and pete to watch plus invader zim, it will be good. Ok take care everyone. I'll be posting some pictures now that I have a camera and such.

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