Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas in Seattle part 1

So I flew to seattle for christmas since my husband is otherwise in- desposed for this holiday season. On the 17th was the troops freakin christmas party. Let me tell you if there was a form of visual birthcontrol this was it. Party started at 1pm, food was provided. At 12;35, we were still setting up and what should my wondering eyes should apear, but a fat woman and he eight tiny rugrats. Ok so no one with eight kids but rugrats gallore. No one was really interested in watching said children either and so christmas presents were almost unwraped and things a miss and kids runing around. It was enough for my last remaining ovary to shivel up and die. Once the presents had been handed out and the pinata smashed to bits, it was over and I could go home and sleep it off. I went out for sushi that night and well around 2 in the morning the ham that was most likely not properly heated or stored gave me a nasty case of the ummmm, well yeah we'll leave it a that. Well my flight left at 7:40 and so I was off to nashville, with plenty of time to spare I got there and through with Frankie. As we taxied for about 15 minutes that Ham came back again, this time up and out. Needless to say I never felt better. The next leg o the journey was uneventful and even it was I had my ipod on and could hear a damn thing. The next few days involved shopping and eating. My birthday was well christmas eve and a real joy. I spent it with folks and g'parents. Then there was christmas, which is always great until we get in the car and pick them up. I just got a drink as soon as we entered the door to their house and remained happy for the evening. Then after two days with the g'parents it was grandpa's birthday so one more day with them. Then this is my favorite, not like we haven't spent enough time with them, but Grandma calls and wants to know if we want to go out to dinner with them last night, and we we said no, she called back and asked if we would like to go tonight. AAAAAAAAAAAAHH, runaway. I love them to death but why, why can't they pick on all the grandkids equally. I go home tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn and then I have to go back to work on the 2nd. I'm now doing my internship at the hospital which I'm sure will prove to be an interesting situation, not to mention the other person from my class, but we'll save that for another blog day,
there mike are you happy now.

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