Monday, October 10, 2005

Shades of Seattle

The weekend was great. The weather was fantastic. Cool and windy with a slight over cast. Today is seattle. It's gray and cool and fantastic!!!!! Ross and I went to see Walace and Grommit. It was great fun. We went to dinner at the Cumberland grill and it was mmm ok a bit too homey for ross and I. The food was only soso and the service was crap. We'll go 541 next week. On Saturday night we had a fire in Dana's little fire pit thing it was great because it was cold and it was a good campfire type thing. We need marshmellows and chocolate for smore's, smore what how can I have smore if I haven't had any. Sorry a little sand lot. I spent most of the weekend studing for my two tests next week. I found a dog in the parking lot this morning I wonder if he'll still be there when I get home, he looked like a full chow and he had been shaved at the begining of summer but has since grow some back in, but you could see his "mane". He was friendly but didn't come up to me but I don't falt him, but he didn't run and followed me a little. He was scared.
Well I'm actually in class right now so I should get back to learning...... uhuh.

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