Monday, October 03, 2005

Monarchs and fall

Well its a nasty 85 degrees today this third icky day of october. Yes 85 degrees and warmer tommorrow and the day after with it cooling after thrusday. Cross your fingers hope to die stick a needle in you eye weather man. The monarch butterflies are floating their way to mexico now a days and they pass through here on the way. It's quite nice to see them. Large and pretty they just to their thing. The are smarter than you think. The dodge cars and find the shade all very gracefully. I'm just glad to be seeing them. I don't know how long they'll stay. The humming birds seem to be on their way for the summer, I haven't seen any lately. Hoping to see some birds that are migrating south this fall we'll see what comes. I still have three growing tomatoes so I do hope for some sun but cool days. Did you see the pictures from the park. Ross and I went to port Royal state park and looked at what was left of the covered bridge. It was first destroyed in a flood in the late century and then rebuilt, and it as burned and then damaged when they we're trying to repair it. It took a life. It just sits there now just the one end over the river. Too Bad. We walked around but the nature trail was also sad. Nothing much to look out there. I have a test on Friday so I need to go back to studing keep you up to date.

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