Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

So its my favorite non gift giving, non turkey eating hoilday!!!!! I have a carved pumpkin, which is very cute, not really spookie just silly. I'm wearing my very nifty bat shirt, and I seem to be the only person in class wearing anything halloweenie, but then again last night we did have ghost so we got our spookieness out of our system. GHOST is an event so kids can come and tricker treat safely and get a ton of candy. It was almost as good as Vegas for people watching. We managed to give away all of out candy before the end of the night and because it was getting quite cold out. It was good. I've been lighty the pumpkin every night, gota make the best of it. Mom sent the halloween presents, peanut butter cups and chocolate covered ginger, yum!!! I've already eaten all ginger, mmmmm chocolatly. Ross is still feeling kinda crummy from all his shots, it had a flu shot and others, but they all combined to become one giant muscle ache. He also played softball all day on friday. I've been busy with school so I haven't been doing much. I'm also done with my gift for Kristy for her baby shower, which is this weekend. It's very nice, I'll have to get a neat thing to put it in. I'm also working on a sleeveless shirt that I won't get to wear until next spring, but it might take me that long. I still have another sweater to work on and I haven't started on it, mmmm thats a bit of a problem, but maybe I just give pieces and then finish it. If I had more time I could finish it. Well I should be paying attention in class.....

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