Monday, June 06, 2005

86% Humminty?

Huh? is this possiable with out rain. They say we're going to get said thunderstroms but they have not come yet. UHG!!!! At least my tomatoes are very happy. My hair isn't, I've just puffed up into a ball of nasty frizz. Thank God for AC. Well I'm off to work again this monday morning, there was a fire in the vent system which I don' know any details about yet, but I'll let you know afer work. My Neighbor was there for dinner saturday night right after it happened. The AC was frozen and I think that's what caused it. Well we'll see won't we. I got some nice outdoor chairs so now I can sit out in the freaking hot. It's in the shade aleast. Had a rather uneventful weekend, Dinner with the Fords on Saturday night and grilled cheese on Friday night. Ross was stilll feeling the 3hours of sleep in 48 from the Best Cav compittion. He had his foot rolled over at PT on friday too and it was all puffy, so we forwent any real outdoor activity. Got myself an Iced tea maker to top off a really thrilling weekend. Well off to work. Check back latter for all the dirt on the fire.

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