Monday, May 16, 2005

Strange and interesing things

Hey, well another day and nothing much to talk about. Currently on a new job hunt to find a place that's more interesting and more clean. All that microbiology has made me want clean things but then again I don't really get paid enough to care. I was accepted to Austin Peay State University on friday which is good. It wasn't like I wasn't going to get in but it does feel good to be accepted. I won't start until next june though because of the way the program works. Oh well that gives me a whole year to make money and pay for school and get a new computer. Other nifty things. Ross and I went to the customs museum in Clarksville. It was very nice. Ned, who is the executive director comes in for lunch every day at the restaurant. We got to meet the resident reptile, named tiggie, she lives in the museum store and comes out now and then to greet people. MMMMM what eles. Finished the back side of the sweater for my knitting class and finished the felted tote that I was making, it turned out great, check out the before and after pictures. Well not much eles happening around these parts so check back latter.

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