Wednesday, May 18, 2005

send in the clones

To quote a Simpsons tree house of horor, Ross played a softball game last night. Yeah, called after 2 innings because the score was 23 to 1, them. It was the air force softball team, with matching uniforms, you must say that kinda snotty. Yeah that thought they were special with those uniforms, but we all know the truth, CLONES. A military plot to create overly good softball players to send to the olympics. Ok so they were good, but their pitcher had trouble, just a little. It was the matching uniforms and hats. Enough about the air force and their matching uniforms.

Just another day at work today, cross your fingers that nothing strange happens. Yesterrday way a big day with lots of people and only a few snotty ones. Josh takes over as manger today while Mettie goes to the other side of the pond for two weeks. Terri's got the day off. We'll see if the bathroom stinks today and if it does, I'm not going to mop, the smell it to much to get the cleaning closet. It almost made me puck yesterday, soooo close. YUCK. Weather is good and so Im going to walk, need the exercise because I didn't do it this morning. Well off to get ready for the day.

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