Saturday, May 21, 2005

..a long time ago.......

We all know the rest don't we, at least the Star Wars fans out there do. Yep we went and saw the third star wars, and it was fabulous. It all comes full circle in a great display of light sabers and a younger more equiped R2D2. With my coke slushie and box of raisinette, which where half gone by the first scene, we enjoyed the whole movie. There are some seriously graphic scene, with burning flesh and such but they are done nicely, if you can do that sort of thing nicely. Bad acting is good acting here and sunsets from your childhood movie going memory apear on the screen in the form of two suns setting over the sandunes. It's like watching old family movies and finding out the secrets that until now have gone unspoken. Do go see it if your a fan.

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