Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Ok so it was actually SOFTBALL but it was fun to watch my husband play. Lots of good fun killing the other team, 17 to 2. There will be another game tomorrow, but how we will work out getting there will be another story. I had to pull out all the sock that I knitted and start again this afternoon because I found an extra stich then I couldn't get the stiches back on the needle so there it all went. That's ok I decides because the stiches were a little bit to loose compaired to the other sock. And I love to knit the socks and I get to do it all over again. Work was work. Slowish and not too bad. I made enough to cover my day. We are highering a bunch more people and I wonder what that will bring. Well other than getting my new Cook's Illustrated and making very good pizza, that I got to use my fresh grown basil on my day was a day.
Good night

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